Only You

You, my dear, are the one they worry about.


I felt you on the tips of my fingers last night. And you smiled as you left again.


And she was suddenly painfully aware of the fact that she did not feel as much or as deeply as she once had


Your name was the greatest sound to ever leave my lips.


Planets collide in some distant world as your lips reach mine, and the shock wave leaves me floating for weeks.


It seems the world was jolted at one point, and suddenly I loved you so much more than you knew how to love me.


I am not the answer to all of the questions that you are asking yourself. I can’t be your solution.


I think that somewhere along the line we forgot what it meant to truly care. I think I’ve never loved more than I did when I was 9.


She just wants to go. She just wants to feel everything slip by her skin and disappear in her wake.


Your words are so brilliant; they burn my cheeks.


So I bundled up all that I had left of myself and I set it in your hands, and I watched from afar as you weighed my world.


You see her when you look at me and I see myself when I look at you, and all three of us are seeing red.

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