Let me play with your words, string them up like lights from the ceiling. Connect the vowels like the freckles on your jawline. Maybe I’ll finish the ends of all those sentences you left drift away, tie them together until they become the shape of a noose. Maybe they’ll leave me hanging like the story you started and never had the heart to finish. Maybe next time I won’t let myself be a book for a boy that is my library.

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  1. I found this site when I was about 15. I’m 19 now and every now and then I still come check to see if anything new was posted. When I was younger, the quotes on here were always so relatable. This was one of my favorite blog/quote sites to come to. Thank you, whoever you are for all the years of memories. You were a saving grace during some difficult times because I knew I could come here and find a quote that related to my pain. Much love.

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