Look, I don’t know if there’s only one person on the planet you’re supposed to be with. But when we’re together, it sure feels that way. I knew that I never meant a thing to you, I knew what you said to me wasn’t the truth. Maybe you just wanted someone, anyone so you chose me and then once you had me, you left me all alone to pick up the pieces that you broke.

You don’t get to be mad at me. I have always been there for you. I have gone out of my way for you over and over again. Do you do the same for me? No. Never. And yet I keep my mouth shut and say nothing about it. I am not in any way trying to say I’m perfect. But I honestly believe I have done everything I am capable of doing, to keep you in my life. The more I tried to keep you, the more you pushed me away. I have been more understanding and forgiving with you, than I was ever capable of being with anyone else. I have literally put myself through emotional hell for you. I’m not blaming you for this, because I chose that. I chose to allow you to walk all over me without ever saying a word. I did that because I wanted you in my life so badly. But you don’t get to be angry with me because I’ve finally decided that I can’t take it anymore. I can’t be the only one trying. It hurts too much. But apparently you don’t understand that. I care about you so much. You will always be on my mind. But I don’t know if I’ve ever actually been on yours, and I can’t be second best anymore. I’m tired of being second best to everyone. Especially you. So I’m letting this go. Never thought I’d say that, did you? I have to. I have to let this go because I’m not strong enough to handle it anymore. If you want me in your life, you need to prove it to me.

All I’d wanted for so long was for someone to explain everything that had happened to me in a simple way. To label it neatly on a page: this lead to this which leads to this and this.

When I think of all the ways that we’re different, of all the reasons why people think I shouldn’t like you, it’s a little disheartening. But then I think of all the reasons I like you, of all the little things you do, the way you always make me smile, the way I always find myself wanting to be next you to- holding your hand, the way I feel when you kiss me, and how I’m still floating on air hours later, my heart just sings. It makes no sense for me to like you, but to me, it makes all the sense in the world.

And she knew better, but her heart didn’t.

Some of the most interesting friendships are between people who are attracted to each other, but can’t act on it.

You absolutely destroyed me, did you know that? But you know what, I just wanna say thank you. I don’t regret meeting you, but I don’t wish you would magically come back into my life again because I believe God gives us someone like this for a reason. Someone who will hurt you a million times, someone who will leave you & not look back. But this person, they will make you a better person in the end. You will come out stronger than ever before and you will be happier without him than you were with him.

Pray, forgive yourself, appreciate others, listen to your gut, do things you enjoy, and remind yourself that we are all loved and connected.

I knew I had you the day I met you.

I just have to stay pissed off. Because the second I’m no longer mad, I’m going crumble. I am so tired of this feeling. Why can’t I just stay happy? And why have I been asking that same questions for years now?

Sometimes it feels like nobody gets me, trapped in a world where everyone hates me. There’s so much that I’m going through – I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.

But I know it’s much too late because we’re way beyond repair but I want you to know that I was wrong for being angry, and it’s time I admit everything to you. I loved you. And yes, you hurt me, but all those times…it was no-one’s fault but mine. For feeling the way I did knowing that I was in the wrong. And I knew it would come back and bite me in the butt but I ignored it because I was just so happy to be yours. So when it all came undone I fell apart, and when you weren’t there to help me back up I lost it. I lost myself and I’m sorry for falling apart at your expense. I can understand why you were angry but I just need you to see why I was. I hope you understand.

Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in the drought, useless and disappointing.

She wanted something else, something different, something more. Passion and romance, perhaps. Or maybe a quiet, heartfelt conversation into the late hours of the night. Or perhaps, something as simple as not being second.

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  1. Where did you go? I miss your quotes! </3

    • New post in a few minutes!! (:

  2. Amazing ❤

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