As the seasons rolled on and you continued to fade away from me, I began to wonder how the rest of my life could be anything but a letdown.

I know I promised you that I’d never leave you behind, but promises aren’t the only things broken with time.

I’m not sure where I stand without you. And to be completely honest, I’m not too sure of who I am without you.

But when you love somebody you start to realize that it doesn’t matter whether they’re broken or flawed. You start to realize that sometimes it’s those very flaws that make them beautiful beyond belief.

He asked me if I loved him, and I asked him if he was blind.

You know you can do better, feel better, be better. Start living the way you always promised yourself you would.

Maybe it makes sense now. Maybe somewhere in all of this there’s a reason. Maybe somewhere in all of this there’s a why. Maybe somewhere there’s that thing that lets you tie it all up with a neat bow and bury it in the backyard. But nothing, not getting angry, not prayers, and not tears, nothing can make something that happened unhappen.

Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me. No, we can’t be friends. This little game you have, has got to end. You can’t flirt with me like it’s nothing, because you’re breaking my heart, my entire world is falling apart. Go your own way, and I’ll go mine. I’m going to get over you, just give me a little time.

Sometimes I find myself running from love. I want to push anyone away who tries.. because honestly, I’d feel horrible if anyone had to deal with the fucked up mess I am. To be with me would be a chore. Maybe at first they wouldn’t see it; maybe they wouldn’t want to. But I am nothing great. I’m just a girl with a lot of heart, no direction, and barely any stability. So for anyone who wants to try, I’ll deny you, and deny you again.I’m saving you a tremendous burden, trust me. “Please, don’t love me” is all you’ll hear from me. I’m better off alone. I’ve been so good at it, how could I stop now?

With my fingertips I trace on your bare skin all of the things I’d like to say but cannot speak. You mean everything. There are not quite words enough to tell you all the things that you’ve become for me.

Sometimes we find someone who we think is the one. But looks can be deceiving, we hang on because we don’t want to find anyone else. He’s a sweet talker and a prince charming. Although, that doesn’t mean we were meant to be with them. There’s a whole world of people out there. It’s about time we explore.

I’m something you’ll regret losing. I can promise you that much.

When we fall in love with someone, there’s a moment when we take a picture of that person – an emotional snapshot – that we carry with us forever. If we’re lucky, if we’re very, very lucky, the person we fall in love with will always resemble that snapshot.

Why does love have to work this way? As soon as you get over someone, they come running back into your life telling you how much they want to be with you & how they miss you. Why do you insist on doing this to me, over & over again? Well newsflash, this time that ship has sailed. I’m completely over you and happier than I have ever been with someone else. Maybe you should have loved me when you had the chance.

You moved on so fast, and that’s what kills me; you mean so much more to me then I ever did to you.

You never think the last time is the last time. You always think there will be more. You think you will have forever. But you don’t.

Don’t waste your time regretting all the wrongs. In the end, you’ll get what was meant to happen. Don’t risk it all, and try not to fall. Hold your head up high and don’t be afraid to say goodbye. Live life to the fullest & make the best of it. You may not always get a second chance.

At first you think it’s great that you’re talking to him again, but then you start talking about things that happened before, bringing back old memories, and then you realize how much you really miss him, and you get to thinking you really want him back, but you remember he doesn’t need you like you need him, and it hurts.

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