Okay girls, so here’s the thing, the reason why I’ve resorted to posting every other night instead of every night is because the page views aren’t nearly what they used to be and, honestly, it’s a little depressing. Butttt if we get back to the 1000 views a day that we were at before, I promise to go back to nightly posts. So please let your friends know about us, post links to your facebook walls, help us get Smooched back out there! I know we can do it. ❤

2 Responses

  1. Well that sucks considering you have loyal people! I love your posts I can’t help them be more than a 1000. Guess I’ll just have to keep coming back to your page over & over lol!

    • I completely understand what you’re saying and I agree. I guess the main thing is I’d really love for this website to be more interactive. There are a few people that promote it and send in quotes and notes and things, but so many other people just view all the quotes and never write or rate posts or anything, and it just gets a little depressing. I’m in no way going to stop posting, I’m just going to continue what I’ve been doing (trying to post every other night) and if I start to get more views or comments or quote submissions I will go to posting every night like I did when the website was first made. (:

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