You told me to see the forest for the trees, but all I could really see was you without me.

Nothing has turned out as we expected. It never does.

Keep your head up high and your middle finger even higher. Let him know what he’s missing.

It may seem like the wrong thing to do, but you have to forget about the guy that forgot about you.

When you realize that you don’t matter to someone, you start to wonder whether you’ve ever mattered to anyone at all.

I’m sitting here crying because I don’t know what to do. I mean it’s just so hard. I need you. I really don’t know what to do otherwise. I feel as if it’s not over only because it hasn’t ended properly. If only it had. My friends hate us together. Everyone tells me I can do better. But you’re the best I’ve ever met. I’m thinking now how hard this is for not only me, but us both.

She ignores all the other guys who want her, because she’s too busy noticing the one she wants.

And I remember it all. I remember when you would always say how good I smelt. I remember when you said I looked great without makeup. I remember when you told me to keep talking because you loved my voice. I remember when you would sit across the room and just smile at me till I glanced over at you and smiled. I remember when you said the other guys were lucky to sit with me. I remember when you said I looked good in scarfs. I also remember when someone else went for me, how mad you were. I remember when I screwed up and tried to move on. I remember when you got drunk and did something I never thought you would. I also remember you telling me how you felt you were losing me. I remember when you said how you missed me. I remember missing you too. I remember when you played with my hair. I remember it all. I remember when we tried again. I remember it working out.

I hate to think all you had of me is a memory I left you, place between what was meant to be, and the mess that it turned into.

Maybe I’m scared because you mean more to me than any other person. You are everything I think about, everything I want.

Piercing words, eyes are red; Watched your taillights in the rain. Empty heart filled with regret, and I know we were both to blame.

“I loved him since the first day.” Yes, I know this quote can be seen as stupid, and typical. You cannot just look at a person and say “I love him,” it’s impossible. You have no idea who, what, when, where, why, and how about that person. Yes, it could be a crush. But a crush, is just a crush. I think it means this…You’ve met this person, didn’t know you would go through so much with them, didn’t know they would be such a big difference in your life, didn’t know they would mean so much to you. This quote is used by people who realize that the person they are with now, are still with them since they first laid eyes, you many have not known then, but the second you looked at that person, you’ve fallen in love with them and the crazy ride has just begun.

Pain makes you stronger. Tears makes you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser. So thank the past for a better future.

And I’m not sorry that it’s over, but for the way we let us end.

Sometimes we just need to forget the people from our past, because of one simple reason: they just don’t belong in our future.

How did it come to this? I think about you all the time. It’s no excuse, but I wish that I never made you cry.

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