I can’t spend my whole life hiding my heart away.

So many things, but he isn’t you.

You were exactly what I had spent so long looking for, but I was too afraid to admit it.

They said beauty was all perception, and I knew that it was true. Because I never knew what beauty was before I saw you.

Your prince is walking around you..but you wont see, for your eyes he’s not perfect..

I thought you were better than them. But you were no better. You were worse.

Lose myself in time just thinking of your face, God only knows why it’s taking me so long to let my doubts go. You’re the only one that I want.

Sometimes I get really scared and wonder if I’ve missed my chance. I wonder if, by not knowing what I wanted then, I missed my chance because I made you believe there was no hope. And it scares me, because if that’s true, I could have had a chance to see what we could be, but now I’ll forever be left wondering. If only I had spoken up, if only I had listened to what my heart was telling me.. I might not be wondering ‘what if?’

You made my heart melt, yet I’m cold to the core, but rumour has it I’m the one you’re leaving her for.

Your lips said nothing. But your eyes told me everything I needed to know.

My eyes are dark and cold, just like my heart. I don’t love anyone. I am so ashamed of who I* am, of what I let you do to me, again.

We were beautiful. And we knew it. And everyone around us knew it. But we were damaged, broken beyond repair.

Some people come back to haunt you, no matter how deep you bgury them.

There’s everything right about moving on, but tell me, why does it always feel wrong? It feels as if I’m leaving a part of me behind.

You’re a lover of the wild and a joker of the heart, but are you mine?

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