When you develop an infatuation with someone, you will always find a reason to believe that this is exactly the person for you.

I don’t need it to be easy, I need it to be worth it.

I’ve finally worked up the courage to tell you what I have denied. And you’re not there to listen. You’re not there to care. You’re not there at all.

I never told you, but I was falling in love. And I would tell you now, but I’m afraid it’s too late.

Thoughts could leave deeper scarring than almost anything else.

Sometimes I feel like the only single person alive. I feel so alone. No matter what I try to do, I’m left in solitude. Maybe I try too hard. Maybe I really am just hopeless.

I sit and laugh with friends at what we’ve all been through, but I still catch my breath when someone mentions you.

I wish you could see what I see. I wish you could see how beautiful you and I could really be.

You’ll never guess her secret.

If I could forget everything, I can honestly say I would. I can’t imagine how peaceful it would be to be able to pass you on the street and have no idea who you are.

And in case you were wondering, you are like a hurricane to me. Your violence is beautiful, and your centre sweet. And in case you were wondering, you are everything to me.

I knew you were trying to say it, in your own way. But I don’t want you to hide the real meaning behind questioning words, I want you to actually say what you mean.

Six months gone and I’m still reaching even though I know you’re not there.

I love you. And I’m always gonna love you. But I don’t want to love you. I wanna be happy.

It’s very easy to confuse a physical attraction with a real connection. You can tell by the kiss. You know, the other stuff, the sex, if he’s handsome or not, doesn’t matter. All that matters is the kiss.

All I want is for you to know me again. For me to be in your life and even if it can’t happen right now, I would just like to know that you heard my plea. I would just like to know that I’m not blocked from your memory.

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