And so here I am, waiting for something that I’m not sure will ever come.

You’re not my type. You’re not supposed to be the guy I dream about. But for some reason, I’m not trying to pick myself back up because there’s no one else who I would rather fall for.

Think how many people have sat next to you on a bus, train, whatever. Now think how many people have sat next to you on purpose, with their fingers crossed in hope that you’ll talk to them. I’m sure somebody has. There’s been plenty of times when somebodys seen you and hoped that you’d speak to them; but you never did, cause you don’t have the guts, and neither do they. Don’t go around thinking nobody likes you and that you’re not loved, there’s been plenty of times when a strangers spotted you & thought, “Oh they’re just my type” but haven’t had the courage or confidence to open their mouth and initiate a conversation. The funny thing is, neither have you.

I hope she breaks your heart.

And then, one day, it was just over. It left us shattered, broken, and had of what we were to begin with. But that was the thing about love, it could end just as violently as it had begun.

It’s like I was running from the storm, and when I finally found shelter I turned right around and kept running because the rain looked like so much fun. I trusted that the shelter would keep me safe…but there was no risk in that. Messed up isn’t it?

I’m warning you now, before you get too involved: I’m a fucking mess.

Relationships scare me. I was in one once, for about 3 days in 6th grade, and ever since I’ve never understood the point. Everyone always seems so happy together, until one day they aren’t.

Understand, before you move, I am the storm. You cannot stop the rain.

I remember when not getting a text from you was end of the world. Now I’m pretty confident the world won’t be ending anytime soon, though sometimes I wish it would.

You said, “I never meant to hurt you.” But you and I both know that doesn’t really matter.

Yesterday I made the decision to be happy, and today that boy told me he never realized how pretty I was when I smiled.

There’s someone in her past that she hasn’t gotten over yet. Each day is like the last and she misses what she can’t forget. It’s just an empty space where something used to be. Now she guards the gate, but she’s lost the key. So no one enters, but no one leaves.

I think that when I’m with you some kind of force takes over my body. And I become funny, and kind of charming.

And even if we never talk again, please remember that I’m forever changed by who you are and what you meant to me.

You’re more effort than you’re worth.

He has that nickname for me, that no one else dares to call me. It wouldn’t sound right coming out of anyone else’s mouth.

I do not hate you, and have never hated you. I was angry at you and depressed by you and confused about you. But hate… hate never came into it.

She pretends she doesn’t hear the people telling her how great they would be together. It hurts just a little too much.

The decision to move on is hard. Its making the conscious choice to not talk to them first even though you’re dying inside. It’s realizing that you have no one to look pretty for in the morning. And when the reality of your decision hits you, you feel so helpless…and every time you think “There’s no one else like them”. And every time you will be right.

12 Responses

  1. Do you know any other mobile blogs that would be good to look at? 🙂

  2. If you could, I’d love it if you put some quotes up about moving on; about finding someone new, and all of the possibilities that could come from this new thing. If that makes any sense 🙂 Haha.

    • Haha, it makes sense. I’ll put some in tonight’s post. (:

  3. Love this site. Can never get enough of it! Where do you manage to find the time to do this and where do you get your pictures from? 🙂

    • Thanks so much!! Finding time is difficult, especially with trying to get a new post up every night. I try to make my posts ahead of time on days when I don’t have a lot else to do. (: My pictures are mostly from various xanga and tumblr sites. (:

  4. could you keep putting quotes about moving on, but still having feelings for the guy, and how it’s hard to see him? thankkks soo much 🙂

    • Mhm, I’ll try to put some in tonight’s post. (:

  5. I loved every single one of these quotes, and all the pictures. I honestly LOVE this site soooo much!<3 I leave a tab up on my computer of your site and every night I refresh the page to see if you updated it.. hahah (: <333

    • Awww thank you so much!! (: Also, if you subscribe (at the very bottom of the home page) you’ll get an email right when every post is put up. (:

    • I do the EXACT same thing! Haha. This site is my absolute favorite for finding quotes!!! 🙂 ❤

      • Thank you!! (:

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