I’ll wait. As long as you keep your promise about coming back. I’m unusual, I know you say it as if it is a bad thing.

Don’t worry about when your life is going to end but when it’s going to begin.

Someone once said that death is not the greatest loss in life, the greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live. And we tell ourselves that it’s all going to be okay but it’s not okay, there’s no magic in the world, at least not today there isn’t.

The worst feeling in the world is when you can’t love anyone else because you’re heart still belongs to the one who broke it.

It’s amazing how you can think about him all day, all night and even die thinking of him but he just forgot about you as soon as that little whore walked by.

And I listen to that song that I wish one day you will dedicate it to me.

I didn’t think help would come in the form of a person but there you were.

Because the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.

I wish I could have saved all the tears I cried for you. So I could fucking drown you in them.

And sometimes I long for the bus to turn down that road. The road when I saw you for the first time. The road I fell in love with you on. The road you’ve probably already forgotten.

A relationship is meant for two people. But some bitches don’t know how to count.

Me? I’m scared of everything. Of what I saw, of what I feel, of who I was, of who I am but most of all I’m scared of walking away from you and never feeling this way ever again.

Everyone’s gonna hurt you… You just gotta find the one’s worth suffering for.

We’re all in the game, just different levels; dealing with the same hell, just different devils.

And I’ll be laughing my way to the bank when you’re making fun of me.

And he’s my bestfriend, and he’s madly in love with me he used to tell me all the time. And now when we pass by each other in the halls it’s like we are complete strangers, now I’m realizing how much I really miss him. I wonder what he’s thinking.

If you ask yourself the question, “was it really worth the pain?” The answer might surprise you because the sun is worth the rain.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in love. I mean, I’ve loved people. But being in love has always meant something completely different to me. I guess I’ve just always figured being in love means the other person loves you back, and that definitely hasn’t been the case with me.

Don’t text me because you feel sorry for me and don’t make awkward conversation in the hallway because you feel like you’re obligated to. I don’t need sympathy, and I sure as hell don’t need you anymore.

I like the feeling of always having someone chasing after me, wanting to win me over and constantly fighting for me. But in all honestly, they will never win me over because I have had my mind and heart set on him for way too long to ever give the other boys a second glance.

Sometimes I just turn my phone off…for hours…or days…just hoping that maybe when I turn it back on I’ll see that someone missed me.

I’ve never been the kind to let my feelings show, and I thought being strong meant never losing my self control. But I’m just drunk enough to let go of my pain, to hell with my pride – let it fall like rain from my eyes; tonight, I want to cry.

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