Darling you’re beautiful. If only you knew how much everyone loves you, because let me tell you…they’re all too scared to be with you. They know you’re not like the other girls. They know getting involved with you could mean their world falling together only to fall apart.

Love has a thousand faces, but I see you.

I hate hearing  “ I’m sorry,” cause half the time you don’t mean it.

And this scares me, and that takes a lot to admit. It’s really easy to make yourself believe you’re falling for someone, but when it actually happens you have no reaction time. You have no time to plan what you want things to be like. It happens and it happens fast.

I didn’t ask for it to be over, but then again, I never asked for it to begin. That’s the way it is with life, as some of the most beautiful days come completely by chance. But even the most beautiful days eventually have their sunsets.

Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free till they find someone just as wild to run with them.

I guess I don’t really have a type. But if you can make me laugh, there’s a pretty good chance I like you. Not too many people have been able to make me laugh lately.

When I saw you I just wanted to cry. I jumped into your arms and I never wanted to let go. You smelled like heaven and your laugh was music to my ears. Your girlfriend watched the whole thing, and she saw what everyone else saw, what we both refused to see.

It seems like everyone always disapproves. Fuck them and their jealousy. I’ve waited way too long for you.

1 finger up and I’m out, because you ain’t even worth two.

Why is it that right when I start to cope with not having you anymore, you come barging back into my life?

Every time I see him all cool, calm and collected, I lose my breath, my heart starts pounding, and I am painfully aware that I am not over him and he is over me.

When you don’t like someone, you don’t like them. There’s no point in trying to change what your heart feels.

Yeah, I know you’re a whore. You say no one understands you? I sure as hell don’t. I have enough trouble telling if boys genuinely like me. Sex just complicates everything. So you’re right, I don’t understand.

Baby run, and don’t you ever look back.

I broke down my walls for you, so don’t give me a reason to build them up right back to where they were.

If two people can’t be friends after a relationship, its either because they love each other, or they never did.

Sometimes you just have to give up on people; chasing after them is a heartache, especially when they don’t try to meet you halfway.

How come when you’re with me you’re a totally different person than when you’re with her?

Hate to sound sleazy, but tease me; I don’t want it if it’s that easy.

Like you don’t know what’s going on anymore. Like you don’t care about anything anymore. You’ve lost motivation to do anything. You’re mind is set on too many things that you are confused about your feelings, and you can’t explain how you feel either. The feeling of emptiness and feeling that barely anyone is there for you. Feeling that no one understands you anymore. And it seems like there is nothing to look forward to anymore.

You really don’t wanna like me. I mean really, I’m hard to handle and I get annoyed easily. I say stupid things at all the wrong times and I always screw everything up. I love my friends and I’m not ready to give all of them up.

Put those heels on, smile big, and stay out all night, because nothing drives people crazier than seeing you have a good fucking life.

I really don’t like who you’ve become, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love you with every morsel of my body.

And it is sad to think that before I met you, I was such a trusting girl, but now it is like I am on lockdown. I don’t open up to others anymore, I don’t trust easily if at all, and I certainly don’t let others get as close to my heart as I let you.

I really don’t give a shit about what you did or who you did it with, just don’t lie about it.

Let’s play truth or dare. Or maybe just dare. It seems like no one knows how to tell the truth anymore.

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