And never ever give up on love, one day somewhere when it’s your time, you will have your shot.

I guess you get used to somebody, kinda like having them around. I guess you get used to the way they make you happy, bring you up when you’re feeling down. I never dreamed when I was letting you go that I would wake up and miss you this much. I guess you get used to somebody. I guess you get used to being loved.

It’s like all the bad stuff that you went through, that you hated along the way, the people who disappointed you and the things that didn’t go the way you wanted,suddenly you feel grateful for them, because those are the things that got you here, to this.

Fuck that sparkle in your eye, you take advantage of it.

You’ll be the high school heartache that I tell my kids about.

The time is passing so slowly now.

I was moving on, for six weeks with no communication, I was fine. Classes went by, without a look in my direction. Passing me in hallways didn’t seem to faze you, so then what made you want to ruin all of that ? You could have had what you’ve always wanted, freedom. But instead you made me fall head over heels, all over again.

Say my name and hers in the same breath; I dare you to say they taste the same.

I’m no saint, and you’re no better.

Lately I’m thinking that I don’t feel quite like myself and honestly, I feel like I’ve turned into somebody else cause you can change me like nothing else ever could. You could love me like no one else ever would.

I miss how you kissed me and how you reached for my hand. I miss lying in bed and falling asleep next to you. I miss hearing your heart beat and how you twitch when you’re tired. I miss how you’d wake up just to pull me closer. I miss your cheesy smiles and the way you looked at me. I miss our late night talks. I guess the bottom line is that I just miss you.

I’m not that cute. I’m really shy when I meet someone new. I have the heart of a 7 year old. I can be socially awkward. I sometimes break out into dance when I hear a song I like. And you know what? You’re just going to live with that because that is who I am.

And I fell hard, quickly. I think this is me finally realizing that it wasn’t my fault, that things aren’t just meant to be. I am going to stop being bitter and start being happy for all the wealth that comes to him, because, he will always have a special place in my heart and I think he knows that.

If she could show you how much you hurt her, you’d never be able to look her in the eyes again.

So cry your eyes out, darling. He hurt you when he said he never would. So many broken promises and lies, so many heartaches and tears, all the pain he put you through, he doesn’t deserve a girl like you.

Love is like a rubber band. We keep pulling until someone lets go, and the one that held on, is the one that gets hurt.

And I’m blasting music, so I won’t hear my thoughts, but it’s stupid, because the lyrics just remind me of what I’m trying to forget. I’m torn between wanting the feeling to go away, and trying to keep it a little longer. Because you brought out something in me I never knew I had.

Dear guy that keeps asking if I wanna bang, yeah I wanna bang, your head against the wall. Sincerely, I have standards.

Just say it, say you never wanted me. Say that and I’ll believe it. I’ll believe that you really want this to be over. I’ll believe that all of this was a lie, and I’ll get over you. And I’ll move on. I’ll be gone. Just say it. Say you don’t love me and I’m done. I won’t show up at your door crying for forgiveness, I won’t call you in the middle of the night saying I miss you. I’ll leave you the fuck alone, but you have to say it.

You’re pathetic. You tell every girl exactly what they want to hear just to make sure everyone likes you. But in the end, they all end up hating you.

It was terrible living through it the first time but I think it’s going to be almost as bad to live through it once more on paper. To try, not just to get it all down accurately, but to understand it. I need to make sense of it. I need to try to turn the experience into something valuable for you and for myself, not just something to be pushed away and forgotten.

I miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain, it’s 2am and I’m cursing your name.

And I’m finally feeling like it’s okay to break.

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  1. I am totally in love with you website! (: but I think you should put some more happy quotes the sad ones are good sometimes but happy ones would be awesome too. (:

    • Thankss. (: I eventually plan on starting up a second blog with happy quotes, I just haven’t been able to get around to it yet. Buttt you can find some happy ones at (:

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