Contest Results!

We have the contest resultsss! Picking out the top five was extremely difficult because we got in sooo many great pictures. Congrats to all winners! And if your picture didn’t place this time, keep taking new ones and hopefully you’ll be able to place in the next contest! (:

1st- Kiana W.’s photo!!

Description- “i was at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk in CA and while i was riding the sky ride i saw this cute couple sitting close and i happened to have my camera with me so i snapped this cute photo! It seems like the perfect summer date to me! going to the boardwalk and the beach (= and the fact that their legs are touching and they have the same shoes gives it an extra little touch!!!”

2nd- Alexis Rubio’s photo

Description- “Pismo beach, ca Surfers”

3rd- Vanessa’s Photo

Description- “I just recently got back from my vacation to Hawaii and i’m hugeee on photography and i cant go one day without reading your website, keep it up!”

4th- Morgan Velez’s Photo

Description- “My description for the picture is us swimming, and just being best friends… We always wanted a underwater camera, and used our first one we ever bought on this picture!”

5th- Alyssa Wisnoski’s Photo

Description- “My parents rented a boat for the fourth of July weekend and I brought 4 of my best friends. It was an entire girl’s weekend of drinking cosmos, talking about boys, ordering pizza at 2 a.m. and swimming in Lake Conroe. We had so much fun! The picture is of us riding back to the dock after being out on the lake all weekend. We have our feet in the water trying to keep cool and just enjoying each others company and talking about life.”

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