And maybe I’m just scared, to face the things I feel. It’s easier to walk away from everything.

I still remember, how it all came back together, just to fall apart again.

I wanna believe that you’re this perfect guy and everything you seem to be is true. But when I look at you, really look at you, I can tell that I’m just barely scratching the surface. You’re that book, with the pretty cover, the one that I just can’t wait to to get into. But you should never judge a book by it’s cover, because now that I’ve read far enough into you that I just can’t put you down, there will be a twist… and everything will change… and by the last page… I’ll be heartbroken.

The hardest part of ending is starting again.

Some people are meant to be with people. And others, like me, are just different.

Let’s play again, but this time I’ll be player one and you can be player two. Now let me show you all the shit you put me through.

She was taught to believe in what she saw, but what she saw didn’t give her much to believe in.

Fuck you, fuck her, fuck all the rest. I’m done with your shit. On to the next.

Good things don’t end unless they end badly.

You broke my heart, you promised you were different. Thank you for being like every other guy out there, really thanks.

Playing by the rules is how you lose the game.

And while you’re sitting there with me on your mind, just remember you’re far from mine.

You know why it’s hard to be happy? It’s because we refuse to let go of the things that make us sad.

I guess I’ve learned to accept second best, because that’s all anyone’s been since I met you.

Look pretty, play dirty.

I think all of us want to feel something that we’ve forgotten or turned our backs on, because maybe we didn’t realize how much we were leaving behind.

Sometimes I wonder if you ever think of us and what happened between us, or really what never happened between us, I wonder if you even care.

And maybe it’s true, I’m falling for you. Maybe there’s a chance that you’re stuck on me too. So maybe I’m wrong, it’s all in my head; but maybe we’re afraid of words we both haven’t said.

You can only fix something so many times, until it’s broken for good.

I’m sick of the hookups, the setups, the screw-ups, the guys who only want one thing, the guys who don’t know what they want, and guys who do but won’t admit it.

And that’s what hurts the most. Knowing that even though you’re my world, I’m not even a star in your sky.

Two hearts together are fine ’till they’re broken; then after that are words left unspoken.

Why does everybody lie? The bad guys lie to get in your pants, and the good guys lie to get in your heart and I’m sick of falling for it every time.

I wanna do exactly what you did to me – lead you on, make you fall for me, and not even think of you, effortlessly.

It hurts to love someone who used to love you.

I don’t know why I wasted so much time pretending I didn’t care. I guess I just didn’t want to feel this way.

I hate the fact that you ignore me for so long, then you start talking to me like nothing happened. And by saying the simplest things, you make me smile.

Either you play the game or watch the game play you.

Good things don’t end unless they end badly.

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