Sometimes I wonder if maybe we’ll ever get back together, and then I realize that we’ll never really be over, in a way it hasn’t changed, but in some ways, it has, it’s not that we aren’t meant for each other, I think it’s just maybe we aren’t ready for forever.

I can feel the memories slipping away. Every day it becomes harder and harder to picture your face. And I know that eventually there will be nothing left to hold onto…and its killing me.

My thoughts tend to sound better in books I didn’t write, and in the songs I didn’t sing. Even then, sometimes there is no piece of literature, no song, no work of art that can really explain the way you feel. There is a double-edge comfort in knowing that no one really knows.

You were never suppose to mean this much to me.

I think about the hands I’ve held, the places I’ve seen, that vast lands whose dirt is caked on the bottom of my shoes. The world has changed me.

Why did we think we were so invincible? Why didn’t we take the advice we were given? Why did we get so caught up in ourselves that we lost sight of what meant the most?

To this day, I would take you back. I would take back all the lack of communication and all the bullshit you pull. I would deal with your stubborn mind and closed heart. Tell me why, out of all the prince charmings, why did I chose the most uncharming of them all?

Let’s pretend that this didn’t happened, that I never had dreams of being with you forever.

It’s funny how when you finally get over someone, you start seeing them in a whole new perspective. It’s like you’re looking at them through the eyes of your best friend; & you realize, he’s nothing special. He’s just another ordinary boy.

You never think the last time is the last time. You always think there will be more. You think you will have forever. But you don’t.

I think I’m falling but it’s too far down. You said you’d catch me before I hit the ground. But the walls are strong and I’m finding it hard to breathe. When I expect you to catch me, you just turn around and leave.

Like a stepping stone, a breaking bone, the moves we make alone. Still we pretend nothing’s wrong at all. You have changed, I have changed, in different ways we have changed. Every step we take we’re more alone.

I’ll admit it – You weren’t worth it. But that doesn’t mean that I want to hear it from everyone else.

So many things we believed in. Now you’re leaving and words won’t bring you back.

You should stop talking to him because he’s just messing with your head. But you should continue because he’s messing with it in the best way and it makes your heart thump really hard and feel as light as air and it’s the most amazing thing – until it falls back down and hits you in the chest and you can’t breathe. And it feels like you just want to die, because there is no point in living if you feel like this and it won’t get better because he doesn’t like you and never will, but then you talk to him and everything is okay again because he’s amazing.

Sometimes I like to think that you’re off somewhere, thinking about me. Sometimes I like to pretend that you’re missing me. It makes it a little easier to sleep at night.

I want you to look back & miss me. Miss everything that we experienced, everything we’ve been through. I want to stand out in your mind. And although I told everyone that we would always be together, I know we won’t. But as long as I was the one that changed you, I know it will all be worth it. In the end, everything is perfect. I want you to look back and miss me. And one day, you will.

I guess you could say I’ve changed but you never really knew me in the first place.

So maybe one day, we won’t pretend anymore. So maybe one day, it will be okay again. That’s all I want. I don’t care what it takes; I want to be okay again.

If one day you realize I haven’t talked to you in a while, just remember you were the one who pushed me away.


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