There’s always a wild side to an innocent face.

You’re doing everything right, it just feels wrong.

There’s a story behind every person. There’s a reason why they’re the way they are. They aren’t just like that because they want to. Something in the past created them, and sometimes it’s impossible to fix them.

You chased me when I walked away, came up and hugged me from behind, kissed me unexpectedly, told me everything I wanted to know. You could sit there in silence and be happy just looking at me. You waited for me, showed me your soft side. You were everything I needed but weren’t what I wanted.

Sometimes we know we shouldn’t, and that’s exactly why we do.

And I swear in that moment we were infinite.

And the demons in me, we were the best friends from the start.

I look at people holding hands in the hallways, & I try to think about how it all works. At the school dances, I sit in the background, & I tap my toe, & I wonder how many couples will dance to “their song.” In the hallways, I see the girls wearing the guys’ jackets, & I think about the idea of property. & I wonder if anyone is really happy. I hope they are. I really hope they are.

Think how many people have sat next to you on a bus, train, whatever. Now think how many people have sat next to you on purpose, with their fingers crossed in hope that you’ll talk to them. I’m sure somebody has. There’s plenty of times when somebody’s seen you and hoped that you spoke to them, but you never did, ‘cause you don’t have the guts, and neither do they. Don’t go around thinking nobody likes you and that you’re not loved, there’s been plenty of times when a stranger’s spotted you and thought “oh they’re just my type,” but haven’t had the courage or confidence to open their mouth and initiate a conversation, the funny thing is, neither have you.

You will always be my biggest ‘What If’.

I guess you don’t smile when you hear my voice and I guess you don’t get that feeling like you’re dying every time you’re not with me; And I guess my imperfections aren’t blind to your eyes..I guess you don’t have as much faith in me as I do in you. I guess you don’t respect my morals as much as I respect yours. I guess you don’t have the passion my heart does, I guess you don’t look past my flaws..I guess you don’t care about my character as much as I care for yours. I guess you honestly don’t feel what I feel when I look at you.

I’m not going to talk to you first. I don’t like starting the conversation because I like to feel like you want to talk to me. I like to feel like the wait was worth something. I like feeling like you’ve waited for me like I’ve waited for you. But the number one reason I hate talking first is because I hate to seem needy or clingy. That’s why I’m scared. Because to me, being needy and obsessive just pushes guys away. And no girl wants that.

If you want him to stop running, you’ve got to stop chasing.

I don’t want to be his whole world, just his favorite part.

I don’t want him to be perfect. I want him to laugh at me, trip me, then help me back up. Pick me up and throw me into the pool, make me watch hours of football & take me to the arcade and beat me at air hockey. But most of all, I want him to love me for who I am.

True strength is holding it all together when no one would blame you for falling apart.

You change for two reasons either you learn enough that you want to or you’ve been hurt enough that you have to.

My theory was that if I kept my distance, maybe you would see what you’re missing.

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