Sometimes she thinks she’s strong, sometimes she thinks she’s gone, past the point of feeling anything at all. Some times she’s sure she’s crazy. Sometimes she feels maybe the only way to survive is to stay angry.

The whole damn world is just as obsessed with who’s the best dressed & who’s having sex, who’s got the money, who gets the honeys, who’s kinda cute & who’s just a mess. And you still don’t have the right look, and you still don’t have the right friends. Nothing changes but the faces, the names, and the trends. High school never ends.

You never really know how strong you are until being strong it the only option that you have left.

People say you have at least five dreams per night. That’s like 30 billion dreams a year. So at least one of those of yours has to be about me.

My thoughts are free to go wherever they like but it’s surprising how often they head in your direction.

Everyone in the world could be screaming at me, telling me that I could do better and I honestly wouldn’t care. I would stick my middle finger high in the air while my other hand was holding yours.

I used to be such a burning example. I used to be so original. I used to care I was being cared for. Made sure I showed it to those that I love. I used to pray like God was listening. I used to make my parents proud. I was the glue that kept my friends together. Now they don’t talk and we don’t go out. I used to know the name of every person I’d kissed. Now I made this bed and I can’t fall asleep in it.

Six billion people in the world, six billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is one.

At the end of the day you can either focus on what’s tearing you apart, or what’s holding you together.

There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.

But I was still lying and I knew it. I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me.

If you could choose between life and death you would almost rather die, love is fun but hurts so much the price you pay is high. And so I say don’t fall in love, you will get hurt before you’re through. You see my friend, I ought to know, I fell in love with you.

I think everyone has a certain part of their life where they truly wish they could freeze time, whether it was three years ago, today, or still to come, whether it was just a moment, a whole day, or a whole summer. Everyone has a time in their life where they wish everything would just stop, the world would stop turning and people would stop changing, because to them, at that time, everything was perfect.

I feel like one of the least important people in your life, when I used to be one of the most important people in your life…and it’s just a hard thing to get used to.

And even just a short and simple conversation between you and her… it’s just enough to make her fall even more in love with you than she already is.

I’m a survivor. I survive. It’s what I do best. Everything that should have destroyed me,
only made me that much stronger. What I’m afraid of is the one thing that I won’t survive. The one thing that will eventually destroy me.

There is this one boy in my life. He means a whole lot to me. I will never be over him, and I will never, ever forget him. I don’t know where the roads of life will take up, but when I look back at high school, he will be one of the people I will see first. He makes me laugh, he makes me smile, and he makes me want to be a better person. I get jealous all the time – but he is no way mine, and will most likely never be; but I can’t help it. And even though that is true… I don’t mind being his friend. I would do absolutely anything for him, and I think he knows that. And people tell me to move on, or forget about him, I never will. All the time I pretend nothing is bothering me and that I don’t need him. And I’m okay with that. I’ll be his friend forever and ever, as long as that means I’m a part of his life.

You don’t have to like me, I’m not a facebook status.

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  1. People say you have at least five dreams per night. That’s like 30 billion dreams a year. So at least one of those of yours has to be about me.
    ^ This was my favorite quote from tonights post. (:

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