I know that is what all people say – “You’ll get over it.” I would say it as well, but I don’t because I know it’s not true. Oh, you will be happy again, never fear, but you will never forget.

I’m that girl; the one who purposely puts up a status with a quote explaining exactly how she feels about you.

For twelve years I’ve held it all together but a night like this is begging to pull me apart.

You’ll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

I guess that’s what it took for me to finally stop caring, hitting rock bottom.

I’m weird with relationships. I think I know what I want, then I run. I think I run because I’m scared, I’m scared that I might get hurt or maybe I just haven’t found someone who I know is worth being hurt for.

Let’s play again, but this time I’ll be player one and you can be player two. Now let me show you all the shit you put me through.

I wish I was as happy as I try to make you think I am.

I never asked for it to be over. Then again, I never asked for it to begin. That’s the way it is with life, some of the most beautiful days come completely by chance but even the most beautiful days have their sunsets.

After awhile you start to get sick of a lot of things. You start to close yourself off from the world. You start to shun everyone out of your life. You just want to be left alone and you start to believe that the world really does hate you and no one really cares about you and the only person you can really depend on is yourself. But really, you need to face the fact that this is reality. You can’t automatically change what you want life to be. Life’s just life. it just happens. Whatever happens, tends to happen for a reason. You can’t exactly make life into something really happy, like it’s some kind of switch, you know? There’s no switch, no On or Off button. You just gotta be a good girl and suck it up. if friends back stab you, it’s okay, you’ll meet new and better people, share new things, and probably gain some and lose some, as they say. In life, of course, your going to get your heart broken more than once, but it’s okay because in each relationship you’ve had, you’ve learned different things from your partner. They either taught you, helped you, or made you into a better person. Each relationship you’re in, you can fix the mistakes you had in the past relationships, you get a second chance. You’ll meet many people who will inspire you, inspire you to be a better person, but in the end it all adds up. Are you willing to put all the tears, all the pain, all the hurt aside, and live life? Make life as something really special, make it like it was your last day, never worry about tomorrow, worry about today. Never let words get to you, words are cheap. Actions speak a lot louder, you hear me?

Sometimes when you’re so sad for so long you don’t see the beauty right in front of you. Sometimes the pain is so strong it swallows your good sense.

Thanks for the let down. I mean I guess I knew that it would come eventually, I just hoped that I would be wrong for once.

You are only sorry because you got caught.

The thing is, we are all a little damaged. Some of us hide it better than others, but on some level we are all torn up. We take it out on others and beat through life carrying it all. We will end up damaging someone else and most of the time we won’t even notice or bother to care because we are busy with our own little disaster and that my friends, is what we call life.

“We’re in love but we’re not together.” It sounds pathetic, but oh so true.

It’s hard to tell yourself that you aren’t in love. When the only time you smile is when you think about the one who broke your heart.

Anyhow…I’m fine, I mean I’m not over it but little by little it’s getting easier to pretend it’s easier which means easier might be right around the corner.

Letting go is much easier said than done. You grow to love someone and letting them go is like losing a part of you. Whenever you know you must let go because it’s what is best for you, you keep thinking of reasons to stick around. I know what I must do. It’s not going to be easy and it will take time for me to completely let go, but it’s what I need to do.

Everyone has that person that they go back to. Each time, they swear it’s different, and they’re done for good. But they aren’t. They wish they were, but the thing is, they can’t be. Because that person they keep going back to, they can’t be completely happy without them.

I think about you constantly and that may surprise you, it surprises me too. Because I never really saw anything special about you; nothing really stood out. But you somehow made me smile every single time you looked at me, I couldn’t help it. And now I spend hours trying to decide why I never gave you an honest chance.

Here’s to the strong; thanks to the brave. Don’t give up hope, some people change. Against all odds, against the grain, love finds a way, some people change.

Nothing is the same anymore. The looks aren’t the same; the bond is not the same. Nothing is the same. I know we’ve fought to stay strong for a while, but sometimes I feel that being strong would mean letting go. So maybe one day, we won’t pretend anymore. So maybe one day, it will be okay again. That’s all I want. I don’t care what it takes; I want to be okay again.

It seems when you want someone, they don’t want you. And when someone wants you, you don’t want them. And when you both want each other, something has to come around and mess it up.

I spent a lot of time searching for reasons, for answers. But you can’t find what’s not there.

As for being patient with fate and all, it’s getting old. And my mind is slowly changing. I’m calling all my oldest friends, saying sorry for this mess we’re in. And I’m waiting, waiting for the sun to come and melt this snow, wash away the pain and give me back control.

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