I knew love. I felt love. I used to believe in it.

My life is filled with ups and downs; but it’s always better when you’re around.

I’m one step away from another bad decision.

He was an ass. He made you fall for him and he wasn’t there to catch you. But worst of all he made you trust him, made you think that he wasn’t like all the others, and you know what? He was right, he’s not like the others. He’s worse.

And there I was, caught in your game, needing answers that never came.

Do it to them like they did to you.

Fuck it. Fuck the “he won’t know what he has until it’s gone” bullshit. I want a kid that’s gonna know what he has when he has it. Not when it’s too late.

I live in my fancy dreams where I want to just fly away from reality.

For a brief shining moment in my life I found everything that I could ever want wrapped up in something I could never have.

No one gets a medal when they get out. But everything you do here counts. High school.

Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.

Someday, you don’t know when, you will be driving down the road. Someday, you will make a wrong turn. At the end of the road, when you’re least expecting it, he will be there.

So let’s take a chance, I don’t have all night, I’ve been waiting forever for this moment to arrive.

But still, my heart is saying that we were right.

I don’t know, when I’m with you I just, I never know what’s going to happen next. It’s weird, because my life is so planned out. It’s like you don’t care what people think.. and when I’m with you.. I don’t care what people think.

Don’t you wish you could go back to when you hadn’t lost anything?

You stay because you don’t think you deserve any better. That’s the ugly truth.

Because you hurt me, you broke my heart. I want you to live with that feeling forever. I want you to remember me.

I don’t care if its going anywhere, I really like wasting my time on you.

  I really don’t like how much I think about you or how much I hope its you when I get a text but I know it wont be cause it never is.   -Keirstan Nicole

Find the one that makes all of this mess fade away.

One day, I will be one of the girls that I always see. The ones walking hand-in-hand with a boy that they hardly deserve, and yet, they so completely have him.

Here’s to the guys that love me, the losers that lost me, and the lucky bastards who get to meet me.

You don’t want me, but you want me still to care. I’m sorry baby, but that’s just not fair.

What is it that I lack to make you leave and never come back?

And every single thing you ever did that bothered me, is every single thing I miss.

And tomorrow will be a good day. Not because I actually have anything to do or anyone to be with, but because I’ve decided that I don’t need them anymore. I’m strong enough to do this on my own now.

I tried to let go, but fate brought you back.

He always did the leaving. But not this time. She kept walking, and did not look back.

Sometimes you have let go, not because you’re giving up, but because you realize that there are some things that just cannot be.

I can’t tell if it’s killing me or making me stronger.

And here I am standing in your doorway. I’ve always been standing in your doorway.

It’s a simple game. You win when you stop caring about it.

What they say is, life goes on, and that is mostly true. The mail is delivered and the Christmas lights go up and the ladders get put away and you open yet another box of cereal. In time, the volume of my feelings would be turned down in gentle increments to a near quiet, and yet the record would still spin, always spin.

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