i’m never good enough. ♥

Yeah sure. 
but you’ll always be my nemo.

i can live without you
but without you I’d be miserable at best. ♥.

i let  the lov e
of my life
slip  through my hands

Take me Back ToWhen

Our World Was One Block Wide

Would you rather see the one you love ♥
»love someone else,
or never see the one you love ever again ?


I  lost you;
Was it the biggest mistake I ever made? ♥.

I just want that one summer,
that will change my life for sure
that will be a perfect paradise
the summer where i can have all the fun i want
and he falls for me like i did for him
The  summer  i  will  always  remember.
“Everything will be okay
the words that bother me the most…
because who ever said “okay” was good enough?

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